If the time has come to choose a home for you or your loved one . . . let us help.
Whether it's a short rehab stay or to be your new home, there are things to consider.

Tour the home and meet the Administrator, Admission Staff and Director of Nursing. Ask questions and contact us with any concerns or suggestions that would help your loved one or our facility. Visitation is recommended between the hours of 7am to 8:30pm, but is allowed at any time.

Admission Process - Bring insurance papers/cards, Medicare/Medicaid cards. List of contacts, in case of emergency. The sponsor coordinates with the facility any appointments for doctor or procedure visits outside the facility and provides for transportation. Should a need arise to assist in a special circumstance, please contact the Social Service Department in efforts for us to be of assistance.

List of current health problems and medications. Do not bring medications from home, the pharmacy will provide meds on Admission. Upon discharge remaining meds will be sent home with resident. Meds are not allowed in a resident's room without prior approval and without being Care Planned.

Items your loved one will need are seasonal and rehab clothing, undergarments, shoes and non-skid socks. Eyeglasses, dentures and/or hearing devices. Vinyl or leather recliner, space and safety/inspection permitting. Pictures and small items to personalize surroundings. Items not allowed are scissors, fingernail clippers, nail polish/remover, air fresheners, candles, matches, lighters, heating pads, extension cords, coffee pots and electric blankets. Curtains, spreads or blankets will be inspected and fire retardant spray applied prior to use. All electrical equipment will be inspected prior to use.

We are a smoke-free facility, however residents are allowed supervised smoking in a secure outdoor area. Cigarettes are maintained by the charge nurse.  The Sanctuary at the Woodlands is a smoke-free facility, smoking is not permitted at this facility.

We provide 24 hour licensed nurse coverage. Please allow our skilled and professionally trained staff the opportunity to assist you and your loved one during this transition and anytime throughout your stay with answers and solutions to your questions.

We are here for you.


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